NL4XAI will train 11 creative, entrepreneurial and innovative Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs).
Each ESR will be working in an individual research project in one of the host institutions and will have several secondments in academic or industrial partners of the network.

ESR 1 – Explaining black-box models in terms of grey-box twin models

PhD fellow: ESR 1
Host Institution: CiTIUS- USC
Country: Spain
Principal Supervisor: José María Alonso Moral

ESR 2 – From grey-box models to explainable models

PhD fellow: ESR 2
Host Institution: CiTIUS- USC
Country: Spain
Principal Supervisor: Alberto Bugarín Diz

ESR3 – Explaining bayesian networks

PhD fellow: ESR 3
Host Institution: UNIABDN
Country: United Kingdom
Principal Supervisor: Ehud Reiter

ESR4 – Explaining logical formulas

PhD fellow: ESR 4
Host Institution: UU
Country: The Netherlands
Principal Supervisor: Kees van Deemter

ESR 5 – Multimodal semantic grounding and model transparency

PhD fellow: ESR 5
Host Institution: UOM
Country: Malta
Principal Supervisor: Albert Gatt

ESR 6 – Explainable models for text production

PhD fellow: ESR 6
Host Institution: CNRS
Country: France
Principal Supervisor: Claire Gardent

ESR 7 – Argumentation-based multi-agent recommender system

PhD fellow: ESR 7
Host Institution: CSIC
Country: Spain
Principal Supervisor: Carles Sierra and R. López de Mántaras

ESR 8 – Customized interactive argumentation schemes for XAI

PhD fellow: ESR 8
Host Institution: WUT
Country: Poland
Principal Supervisor: Katarzyna Budzynska

ESR 9 – Personalized explanations by virtual characters

PhD fellow: ESR 9
Host Institution: UTWENTE
Country: The Netherlands
Principal Supervisor: Mariët Theune

ESR 10 – Interactions to mitigate human biases

PhD fellow: Alisa Rieger
Host Institution: TU Delft
Country: The Netherlands
Principal Supervisor: Nava Tintarev

ESR 11 – Explaining contracts and documentation of assets for construction companies and real estate agents

PhD fellow: ESR 11
Host Institution: INDRA
Country: Spain
Principal Supervisor: Hitoshi Yano and Carlos Rebate