Prof. Nava Tintarev, professor of Explainable Artificial Intelligence at Maastricht
University (Department of Advanced Computing Sciences/FSE) is a co-Investigator
and the chair of the social sciences and humanities committee of ROBUST.


programme, which will boost fundamental research in artificial intelligence
through public-private collaborations, has a total budget of over 87 million
euros. ROBUST will include 17 new labs across the Netherlands and recruit 170
new PhD candidates.
Altogether, ROBUST will run over a period of 10

new initiative by the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI), is
supported by the University of Amsterdam and 51 government, industry and
knowledge-sector partners including Maastricht University. The programme aims
to strengthen the Dutch artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem by boosting
fundamental AI research. ROBUST focuses primarily on the development of
trustworthy AI technology for the resolution of socially relevant issues, such
as those in healthcare, logistics, media, food and energy.

states that “by mixing talent working on algorithmic advances with talent
working on societal embedding and uptake of technology, we will improve our
algorithm development process and increase our potential for impact and
achieving the sustainable development goals. That’s why 20% of all new PhD
positions will be held by candidates in the social sciences and humanities, and
ROBUST includes 20 senior researchers from a range of backgrounds in these

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